Who are snooping on your smartphone


Its is founded in a research which was conducted by the University of British Columbia and University of Lisbon that brought 1,381 users via Amazon’s Mechanical Turk close to know phone snooping.

This is one of the big reason to protect your phone with pass-code, fingerprint or pattern that’s all you need to keep your mobile safe from data breach.

The research disclosed number of results:

  • 31% members looked into others mobile phones without the consent of owner.
  • The data was collected to the US population estimates from 2010 census and obtained an estimate for 20% of US adult, the researcher says.
  • The research says that young people are likely to have been more effected by the snooping and those who carry smartphones too.

It has been clearly described that your nearest or closest buddies are snooping on your phone. Those who have sensitive data in mobile phones must protect their credentials from others. Snooping on phone include those who have smartphones and are aware of how data is made hidden or how to see the hidden data, where the data is stored too.

The young generation is indeed much aware of the threats, they keep themselves aside of the snooping. They mostly protect their phone from co-workers or friends. But beside this there are people are not aware of what threats they are going to face from not protecting their phones.

The research has described that people are more concerned about their phones. People don’t lend phones to others because they don’t trust on anyone while giving them their most lovable device. Or people lend mobiles to people but with limited time or they remain with those who want to use your phone.

There is no doubt that we keep our phones with ourselves just to feel save from any data loss that our phones might could give us. We use mobile authentication i.e bio-metric authentications or pass-codes.

There are some scenarios where the mobile snooping is totally legal, that you may want to do. Such examples could be shown where you can snoop on the mobile phones:

  • Monitoring your children: When you provide your children with a smartphone, you can tell them that you are going to be using software to monitor their usage and track their location. If they do not agree to these terms, then you can tell them that they cannot have a cell phone. If your child gets a phone on his or her own, however, you may not have the right permissions to proceed.
  • Monitoring your employees: Just as there can be tracking or monitoring software installed on company-issued computers in the office, the same concept can apply to mobile computers too; that includes smartphones and other mobile devices. Again, the employer reserves this right, because the phone is supposed to be used for company purposes only.
  • Collaborating with your team: If you are working on a team project that may require surveillance of the other team members, they can all agree to have these kinds of apps and programs installed to facilitate the snooping with permission.

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