Shahmeer Amir Hacked – Ending the Mirage of the World’s Third Best Pakistani Hacker

Shahmeer Amir hacked

Shahmeer amir a Pakistani hacker is among the World’s Top 3 hackers according to sources. He has already mentioned, holding the 3rd Position among Top Ranked Bug Hunters in the world, same Hacker is ranked by HackerOne as 11th most top rated hacker but a recent cyber attack has struck his website upside down – Shahmeer Amir hacked by Jinnah.

Jinnah a cyber attacker has pwned Shahmeer Amir’s website in a recent cyber attack.

  1. mirror of hacked website.
  2. mirror of hacked website.

Shahmeer Amir has claimed that he has earned $150,000 in bug bounties program but this attack discloses all his abilities of cyber warfare. He has failed in protecting his own website against the attackers showing to World how brilliant this hacker is.

If this person could be the best hacker in the world, I think who the real one will be.

The attacker has defaced Shahmeer’s website and left the following message to him.

Running the Mega Scam all over the media.

You pretend to be the Celebrity in InfoSec, yet you haven’t coded a single line in your whole life.

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