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How to detect code injection attack

code injection attack

Code injection is also known as PHP code injection. Code injection attack is an exploitation technique where a computer bug is exploited by injecting code into an application which is then executed by application itself. PHP code injection attacks are generally performed by injecting a PHP code into the PHP …

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How to Hack WiFi Passwords

Hack WiFi Passwords

Cracking of wireless networks is the defeating of security devices in Wireless local-area networks. Wireless local-area networks(WLANs) – also called Wi-Fi networks are inherently vulnerable to security lapses that wired networks are exempt from – Hack WiFi Passwords Cracking is a kind of information network attack that is akin to …

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Vulnerable SQL Websites list 2018 – Updated

SQL Injection is very popular OWASP top 10 vulnerbility which allows you to hack any website that has the vulnerability. Do you want to learn how to hack websites with SQL Injection, click here on my recent blog to get practical demonstration of SQL attack. Below given is the Vulnerable …

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What is Cross Site Request Forgery Attack (CSRF)?

cross site request forgery

Cross Site Request Forgery attack is represented by different terminologies e.g One-Click Attack, Session Riding and CSRF or XSRF. CSRF & XSS While we had learnt about Cross Site Scripting (short for XSS), let’s try to learn the different between cross site request forgery and cross site scripting. In XSS, …

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RFI – LFI File Inclusion Attacks – Mitigations

file inclusion

Similar to all other cyber attacks RFI – LFI file inclusion attacks also carries a strong importance when it comes to data breach. In other words we can describe it as why the server isn’t working to load my webpages. File Inclusion File inclusion is a type of vulnerability that …

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How To Perform Denial of Service or DDoS Attacks?

Denial of Service

What is Denial of Service? Denial of service is attempt to temporary or indefinitely interrupt the services to its intended users. This attack targets the availability of an IT System (Web Server). This attack is launched when the attacker is not able to harm the integrity and confidentiality of an …

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How To Protect Website From Defacement

website defacement

Every website that exists in today’s digital World represents some particular business. Each website is the face of that specific business. Visitors find the image of business by their website and the marketing analogies (didn’t discuss here). Website defacement is an attack where the hacker changes the visual appearance of …

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How To Prevent SQL Injection Attacks On PHP Websites

prevent sql injection

Till this point we have gathered enough information about how to exploit a website with SQL Injection attack and its related security threat known as Blind SQL Injection attack. Though both the attacks are very similar to each other but are used in different situations. Time Based SQL Injection is …

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Learn About Blind SQL Injection Exploit

blind sql injection

As always before exploiting with new technique and technology, first learn what the new thing this time means in the core scenario. Learn about blind SQL Injection Exploit that enable attackers to exploit SQL Injected websites. In my previous blog, I wrote in detail about how to exploit website with …

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How To Exploit Website With SQL Injection?

SQL Injection

Before leaning how to exploit website with SQL Injection, let’s first to try learn the core methodologies and the abstraction behind the scenes. What is SQL Injection? SQL Injection is a malicious attack where malicious users can inject SQL commands (commonly referred to as malicious payload) in SQL statement that …

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Hack with Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

Cross Site Scripting

Before hacking with Cross Site Scripting (XSS), lets first learn about what is XSS? What is XSS? Inserting malicious client side script into the web applications, and retrieving the scripts appearing to be coming from a trusted source (server) is termed as cross site scripting. XSS differs from other web …

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Hack with Base64 Encoding


Base64 encoding is nothing else but the conversion of binary values into ASCII representations. This allows a launching of phishing attacks without the need to host index.html file anywhere on the server. Hack with Base64 encoding is the new and most famous way to get someone’s credentials easily. Hence being …

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Learn about Phishing


What is Phishing? Phishing is an attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money), often for malicious reasons and by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Phishing a threat? Phishing is a serious problem beside its a continual …

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