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seo friendly

How To Create SEO Friendly Permalinks in WordPress

seo friendly

The structure of domain names and URLs are the most fundamental building blocks of SEO, and proper proper search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of creating a successful site that gets traffic and a huge amount of views. SEO has tons of factors, including creating the right URL structures.

What is SEO Friendly URL?

Having short, sensible, and human-readable permalinks on your WordPress site isn’t just good for search engines, it helps humans make sense of the URLs and makes it more easy to remember a URL. In past, the default WordPress URL structure was not SEO friendly at all. However that’s changed now.

seo friendly

In this article, we will explain WordPress SEO friendly URLs that would help to improve your Google ranking and how you can customize your WordPress permalinks.

What SEO Friendly URL is important?

This time Google is giving more importance to the URL of a website for indexing and SEO purpose. So when you have an SEO friendly URL structure, you would have a chance to get higher page rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

  • WordPress by default URL:

If its your website URL, then its not SEO friendly URL and Google will not rank your website in search engines.

  • SEO Friendly URL: http:///
    Now this link is SEO friendly URL, it will show your post title in a URL and it will help your visitors and search engine to know what your article is about so they will definitely turn into your website and in this way you will get a huge traffic to your website.

seo friendly

By default The structure of WordPress URL is usually not particularly friendly for search engines, and neither is it for actual users. This is unfortunate, because your chances to rank higher in search engines depend on you having a SEO-friendly permalinks.

Designing a WordPress URL that is SEO-friendly can provide a real SEO benefit. You want to provide url structures that include your target keywords, are not too long, and do not use any characters that are not alpha-numeric. 

Steps to Make SEO friendly URL in WordPress:

Step 1: Open the Permalink Settings Page

Firstly you need to login in your WordPress dashboard, then you have to open the permalink settings page under the WordPress admin panel settings tab.

seo friendly

Step 2: Select the URL Structure

WordPress offers you the ability to create a custom URL structure for your permalinks and archives. Custom URL structures can improve the aesthetics, usability, and forward-compatibility of your links.

seo friendly

Here you can see different URL customization options, but you have to select the post-name URL structure option, which we want and then save the changes, your URL will be SEO friendly now. When you will make a change in Permalink settings, it will automatically update in .htcaccess file.

So why do beginners still ask us for best permalink structure?

That’s because in the past, WordPress did not use pretty URLs also known as permalinks. The default used to be the non-SEO friendly example that we shared above. There are more ways you can use as listed in the permalinks and also you can use the optional permalink in which you make your own choice of URL.

seo friendly

How SEO Friendly Permalinks appear in Google Search Engine?

Below is the snapshot of how SEO Friendly Permalinks appear in Google Search Engine?

seo friendly

Creating Custom URL Structure with Available Tags

There are plenty of other combinations you can create using tags. Here is a list of tags that you can use to create your own custom URL structure:

  • %year% – The year of the post, four digits, for example 2016.
  • %monthnum% – Month of the year, for example 10
  • %day% – Day of the month, for example 31
  • %hour% – Hour of the day, for example 11
  • %minute% – Minute of the hour, for example 32
  • %second% – Second of the minute, for example 44
  • %postname% – A sanitized version of the title of the post (post slug field on Edit Post/Page panel). For example, if your post title is This Is A Great Post! It would become this-is-a-great-post in the URL.
  • %post_id% – The unique ID of the post, for example #423
  • %category% – A sanitized version of the category name (category slug field on New/Edit Category panel). Nested sub-categories appear as nested directories in the URI.
  • %author% – A sanitized version of the author name.

Don’t forget to click on the save changes button after choosing your permalink structure.

As soon as you press the save changes button, WordPress will automatically update your site’s .htaccess file and your site will immediately start using the new URL structure.

seo friendly

Warning: Important Note for Established Sites

If your site has been running for more than 6 months, then please don’t change your permalink structure.

You don’t have to use the same structure that we used.

By changing your permalink structure on an established site, you will lose all of your social media share count and run the risk of losing your existing SEO ranking.

If you must change your permalink structure, then hire a professional, so they can setup proper redirects. You’ll still lose your social share counts on the pages.

We hope this article helped you create a SEO friendly URL structure for your WordPress site.

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