Pakistani No.1 Property Website hacked by Bangladeshi Hackers

Pakistani No.1 Property Website hackedPakistani No.1 Property Website hacked

The cyber attack is a big blow to, which entered the market in 2006 and has since then become one of the most widely used property portals in Pakistan, popular among ordinary home buyers and real estate agents alike. Pakistani No.1 Property Website hacked by Bangladeshi hackers. Many observers have called for the property portal to beef up its server security to ensure that its trusted position in the market does not suffer.

Well this is not the first time a major company in Pakistan had its operations disrupted by cyber attackers. Last year, the formerly state-owned Pakistan Telecommunications Corporation’s website was hacked by a hacker named Sultan. is Pakistan’s leading real estate portal  that is hacked moments ago, we have checked the Zone-h mirrors. According to our early investigations, entire website, source code and users’ records of were dumped and leaked online.

Eventually the leaked data include user names, md5 encrypted passwords (one of the weakest of its kind), email addresses, phone numbers and other related details. We are still in process of determining the total number of unique users that were registered with or the number of users’ record that was leaked online.

Reportedly a hacker named “Tiger Mate” is behind the incident and had no motive behind the attack but said that he hacked the website because he can, and also because “they ( don’t take their security seriously”.

Leaked data include user names, passwords, email, phone and other details of Zameen users

In a an electronic communication with ProPakistani, “Tiger Mate” said that was warned about the security vulnerability by a fellow hacker a few days ago but Zameen didn’t take the warnings seriously and instead abused the vulnerability reporter. “Tiger Mate” said that its about time that companies like should start taking their security seriously. has been restored as of now but hacker claims to still have the access to the website. said that FIA and NR3C are already on board regarding the incident. Company said that its communication is already underway with Amazon AWS and Twitter, who are auditing their logs as of now and are expected to report back very soon. (Amazon AWS is the host while Hacker had announced the defacement on Twitter).

Not to mention, is one of the most celebrated startups in Pakistan. They secured multiple rounds of investments and are currently planning to expand into Iranian market.


“Tiger Mate” has said that he is taking leaked data offline, as he has made a point, and hopes that will be more vigilant about its security now onwards.

Not to mention, it is feared that data has been downloaded by enough number of individuals already.

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