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Acunetix hacked

Acunetix Website Hacked by Croatian Hackers

Acunetix, a famous Automated Web Application Scanner is a Windows software application with which you can perform a full web scan from your computer.

Yesterday Acunetix website was hacked by Croatian Revolution hackers, best known for using DDoS, defacement.

After the hack, the website was giving a 403 error that might be either the hackers have deleted the files from the server or the developer from the Acunetix team had deliberately shut their website down in order to check the root cause of the hack. Well, the developers were checking their site files to originate the cause and to find backdoor, if the hackers might have injected in Acunetix root folder.

Same like the Croatian hackers, Acunetix was also best known for giving the best security scanner to the end users to scan their websites for any kind of backdoor, sql injection, cross site scripting and many other security flaws.

Time to Think

Contrary to what has happened to Acunetix Servers, the team is already in a process to acknowledge the root cause. The defacement of the website is showing a bright image of security flaw. The team has to make sure its security by any means.

Nothing is impossible for a doer to do whether he is making a hack attempt or anything else.

The defense is more important than offense. You have to secure all the ways by which hacker can inject into your website. But the hacker needs a single path to infiltrate into your property(website).

The website developers are adding more and more complexity to their Web Applications, so its really hard for them to keep the security firmware updated at the same time.

For everyday users, there are dozen of messages for them to know but to know a single one, one must has to understand the security is not just a one day method. Its a process of day by day.

In the end, the message is clear “Security is just an Illusion”.

About Kamran Mohsin

Kamran Mohsin
Kamran Mohsin is a Certified Ethical Hacker. Currently working as a Penetration Tester within a private company in Pakistan. He is also doing Masters in information Security. He worked in web development (front-back-end) from recent back years. With the passage of time he took interest in Hacking and started to write blogs on IS from late 2015.

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