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Google Dorking

Hackers using Google Dorking Tool for Mayhem

Its not new for hackers to get access to your account. But this time hackers are using the most useful technique for hacking into your systems. It’s Google Dorking unables an attacker to find vulnerabilities in any system and jump into system’s weaknesses.  Exploitation was always fun for hackers to get access to unauthorized systems. Google dorking is very much used to find the vulnerable websites or systems that could be easily exploitable with any malicious code. Finding vulnerability in a system is made easy for hackers by using google dorking. Search engines easily pops up that sensitive data from various systems that owners don’t want to show in public.

Google helps in this case and pretty much share the results with us. Now the question arises how it works and how to stop it from the exposure or disclosure of such information.

Some long ago, US blamed Iranian for attacking New York Dam. This attack gave Iranian hacker detailed information about Dam water level and gate. Hackers could eventually open the gates and flood parts of the city according to the US department of justice. This time of attack, the gate was turned offline for maintenance purposes which left the city from major disaster.

The reason behind this attack was known as “Google Dorking”. Yes, this is Google’s new technique by which an individual can get access to particular sensitive information that is not even searchable for any means. Hackers are using Google dorking in their malicious activities. This technique displays all the sensitive data that non of the companies even think to put it online due to their severity.

An Iranian man named Hamid Firoozi age 34 was accused of using google dorking. He was searching to get US sensitive control systems data in order to carry out a malicious attacks and damage the systems. He got access to the out-dated operating systems in New York Dam. It allows a person to find vulnerability any sensitive web application.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security released an intelligence document in 2014 to warn agencies of potential vulnerabilities that can be found through dorking, says SC Magazine.

Google dorking is always good for people called “Ethical Hackers” who use this technology to find vulnerabilities in web applications. But this could be as bad as evil by which you can find vulnerable web applications or operating systems that are out-dated any hacker could harm the application or operating system. This could result in the disclosure of sensitive data or loss money.



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