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How to earn money with Google Adsense without any website

This is a hot topic to learn about how to make money without having any website or plate form where you can share your content. Hundred of millions of website are using google adsense to earn money world wide where the web masters are sharing their quality content.

The blog topic hears strange but all it is true. Yeah this is practically performed and earned successfully. By using google adsense everyone can make money by sharing quality content with million of users. You can share your content with different websites that have same niche as of you. Advertisers want their products to go beyond the borders, they advertise their products or anything that is of value for their customers.

Don’t find customers for your products, rather find products for your customers – Seth Godin

Now let’s learn to make money without having any websites. The simple answer is there are many super websites over the Internet which wants more and more content over their websites so they want more visitors to reach out their websites. They hire content writers for their firm where you create your account and make quality content for their websites. The writers use google adsense account of websites which is already very rich and populated on google.

Those websites take commission from your blog or article earnings because your are using their firm or website to make money.


Okay now I’m sharing following links which allows you to create account and writes quality content for them.

Method to make money

The following listed links of websites have huge importance for the newbies who don’t have enough or have no money to invest on their business.

  • Create an account over the listed websites
  • After registering, enroll in their adsense revenue sharing program.
  • Always write unique and quality content articles but make sure don’t copy already written content.
  • Do make use of some attractive or heart touching images relevant to the article.


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Kamran Mohsin
Kamran Mohsin is a Certified Ethical Hacker. Currently working as a Penetration Tester within a private company in Pakistan. He is also doing Masters in information Security. He worked in web development (front-back-end) from recent back years. With the passage of time he took interest in Hacking and started to write blogs on IS from late 2015.


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