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Earn $1.5 million for hacking iPhone

One of the high marketplace private exploit seller Zerodium has tripled the price of iOS rewards. The engineers and penetration testers of Zerodium (a premium exploit platform) who purchases zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits decided to pay heavy rewards to researchers who are showing interest that ultimately results in discovering unknown security flaws or weaknesses in a popular iPhone software. You can earn $1.5 million for hacking iPhone, of course you have to exploit the flaws that are not addressed before.

It is said by the exploit peddler that their firm mainly focuses on high risk vulnerabilities that are the main holes to execute maliciously and with fully functional exploits. They have decided to reward the exploiter a vast amount of money.

For new, novel attacks against Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems, the company appears to be correct, with rewards for iOS 10 jailbreaking now reaching up to $1.5 million.

According to ZDNet, Zerodium has revealed that those researchers who are able to produce a new attack against up-to-date iOS 10 iPhones and iPads will be awarded at least those who compromises successfully the devices remotely, can expect up to $1,500,000. This is three times the amount of previous rewards, which were brought down to $500,000 after the company paid out $1 million to three research teams last year which were able to find remote zero-day exploits for iOS 9.

Below is the list of previous Bug Bounty Program for iOS and Android.


In addition, researchers who can provide the private exploit seller with remote exploits for Android 7 mobile devices can enjoy double the payout, with Zerodium now willing to pay up to $200,000 an exploit.

According to Arstechnica, Prices are directly linked to the difficulty of making a full chain of exploits, and we know that iOS 10 and Android 7 are both much harder to exploit than their previous versions,” he told Ars. Asked why a string of iOS exploits commanded 7.5 times the price of a comparable one for Android he said: “That means that iOS 10 chain exploits are either 7.5 x harder than Android or the demand for iOS exploits is 7.5 x higher. The reality is a mix of both.

In the start of this year the FBI paid $1 million to a security company to provide an exploit used to access an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters.

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