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Russia's President Vladimir Putin phones as he watches the men's judo contest match of the London 2012 Paralympics Games in his residence in Novo-Ogarevo outside Moscow late on September 1, 2012. AFP PHOTO/ RIA-NOVOSTI/ POOL/ ALEXEY DRUZHININ (Photo credit should read ALEXEY DRUZHININ/AFP/GettyImages)

Czech police arrest Russian hacker tied to 2012 LinkedIn hack

Police in the Czech Republic have detained a Russian man suspected of participating in the breach of LinkedIn user information in 2012, the company said Wednesday.

Czech police said the Russian was arrested in cooperation with the FBI within 12 hours, thanks to a rapid exchange of information with American officials. The arrest took place on Oct. 5. It was not immediately clear why the Czech authorities waited so long to publicize it.

The man was only identified as Yevgeniy N. in police video of the arrest.

The man is allegedly behind attacks on US companies dating back to 2012, and not a suspect in the recent political hacks, according to sources from Reuters and The New York Times.

Czech police said that a court would decide whether to extradite the suspect to the United States.

The Russian news agency TASS indicated that Russia would fight any extradition attempt.

“We insist that the detainee is handed over to Russia,” it quoted Andrei Kolmakov, a spokesman for the Russian embassy in Prague, as saying.

Police said to Reuters, the man was briefly hospitalized after collapsing and then put in custody.

Two U.S. officials said the man was not linked to recent political hacks in the United States.

The U.S. government this month accused Russia of a campaign of cyber attacks against Democratic Party organizations ahead of the Nov. 8 presidential election. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said a hacking scandal would not be in Russia’s interests.

Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed US threats of retaliation over alleged Russian hacks, saying such statements only confirmed Washington used cyber attacks for political ends.

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