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Massive DDOS attack against Dyn DNS knocked out Popular Websites

According to krebsonsecurity, criminals this morning massively attacked Dyn, a company that provides core Internet services for Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, Reddit and a host of other sites, causing outages and slowness for many of Dyn’s customers.

A widespread cyber-attack was carried out against some of the world’s biggest websites on Friday, with users unable to access Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify and many others for over two hours.

In a statement, Dyn said that this morning, October 21, Dyn received a global distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on its DNS infrastructure on the east coast starting at around 7:10 a.m. ET (11:10 UTC).

Dyn said the attack may also impact “Dyn Managed DNS advanced services with possible delays in monitoring.”

The Department of Homeland Security told CNBC that it is “looking into all potential causes” of the attack.

The White House said U.S. authorities are monitoring reports of attack on the internet services company and whether it is a “criminal act,” according to Reuters.

According to Hacker News, a “Massive Dyn DNS outrage” caused Twitter, Etsy, Github, SoundCloud and Spotify to go down.

According to RT Question More No-one has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Other sites reportedly affected included Airbnb, Reddit and Vox Media. Users said they had a variety of issues, depending on their location, Tech Crunch reports.

SoundCloud thanked users for their “patience” as the site returned to normal.

According to CNBC News, many prominent websites including Amazon, Twitter, Spotify and CNBC.com were shut down for two hours Friday morning by an earlier denial of service attack. Amazon reported later that it was once again having service issues.

Dyn said the earlier attack started at 7:10 a.m. It affected Dyn’s Managed DNS infrastructure, which is the system that directs users to the correct webpage.

In a tweet posted Friday, Spotify said it was “having some issues right now and investigating,” while GitHub described the attack as “a global event” that was “affecting an upstream DNS provider.”

“GitHub services may be intermittently available at this time,” the site tweeted.

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