Google Bangladesh hacked by Pakistani hackers

Google Bangladesh hacked

Google’s Bangladesh domain came under attack by some Pakistani hackers. The said hackers altered the domain address in BTCL’s DNS entry to redirect users to a custom page. Google Bangladesh hacked.

Pakistan-based hackers, going by the name Team Pak Cyber Attackers, allegedly hacked and defaced Google’s Bangladesh domain with a message taunting the domain security measures implemented by the tech giant.

The Google Bangladesh page displayed “Pakistan Zindabad” (Long live Pakistan) slogan on 20 December confusing some users if they had logged on to the right domain.


HackRead reports that the hacking group behind this takeover is generally known for breaching high profile Indian government and law enforcement websites. This is the first time the group has targeted a Bangladesh domain.

The latest takeover of the site is known as DNS hijacking or DNSredirection. In this malicious codes or malware can help override a computer’s TCP/IP settings to point it at a rogue DNS server, thus invalidating the default DNS settings.

Meanwhile, the homepage is now up and functioning normally.

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