How to configure Proxychains with tor in Kali Linux

configure Proxychains with tor in Kali Linux
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The goal of this tutorial is to configure proxychains with tor in Kali Linux in order to anonymize all the web traffic including network related traffic generated by various applications.

Proxy chains has a great importance when it comes to anonymizing the traffic generated by footprinting and doing nmap to gather all the information and other related to web traffic generated by browser other than tor.

In Kali Linux tor browser should be installed from official Tor Project. This source is far secure than anything else. Proxy chains are installed in Kali Linux by default.

Proxy chains gives you the ability to route traffic through series of proxy servers and stay anonymous by hiding behind them. There are large amount of free proxy servers but they are not good enough as sometimes they are up sometimes down and not even very fast. They can be used for specific tasks and can be efficient but free proxy servers are not used for brute forcing tasks or nmaping network that would take a lot of time.

To configure proxy chains, type the below command in Linux Terminal.

[email protected]:~# nano /etc/proxychains.conf

Press enter and you will see the file:

HTTP, SOCK4, SOCK5 are the protocols used for routing traffic. The best one is SOCK5 that anonymizes your traffic still better than HTTP and SOCK4 protocols.

#dynamic_chain is not read by the terminal shell so uncomment by removing # sign.


Comment the strict_chain by putting # sign.


After making the changes press Ctrl+O, enter to save file then Ctrl+X to exit.

Dynamic_chain Vs Strict_chain

The difference is if we have a,b,c,d proxy servers, in strict_chain we have to route our traffic  through all the proxy servers and in given order. If any proxy server is down you won’t be able to anonymize your traffic whereas in dynamic_chain if server “b” is down proxy server “a” will forward the traffic to c and so on.

If you want to anonymize all your traffic with tor you should enable dynamic_chain.

After knowing above stuff, lets check how to browse anonymously with tor.

Open new Terminal, check whether tor is running or not.

[email protected]:~# service tor status

If tor is running make sure to stop tor service before running proxychains.

[email protected]:~# service tor stop

Now write the below string to run tor with proxychains.

[email protected]:~# proxychains firefox

We are using Firefox browser that works best with proxy chains. Write name of the website that you wish to visit.

Press enter and wait for the browser to load.

Now we want to check out our IP address so search “check for dns leaks” in duckduckgo search bar and go the circled link.

My IP address is totally changed with proxy servers. Click on Standard Test and explore new information with your IP address.

Custom Chains of Proxies

We can add a lot of custom proxies (proxy server, port) and can route our traffic through them.

Go to

Pick up some custom IP addresses with respective ports and add them to proxychains.conf file .

Adding too many custom proxy servers won’t anonymize you too much but will slow down routing your traffic. Stick to 2 or 3 proxies that have the great up time and fast enough.


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