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Blue Whale
Blue Whale game

Reality Behind The “Blue Whale”, The Suicide Game

Reality Behind The “Blue Whale”, The Suicide Game. For the past few days there has been a hype created all around the globe regarding the “Blue Whale Game”. Let’s take a look at the history of this deadly game. The Blue Whale Game is also known as “Blue Whale Challenge” and was developed by, so called Philipp Budeikin (Russian). It is basically an internet game that nowadays claimed to exist in several countries of the world.

"Philipp Budeikin"
“Philipp Budeikin”

The game creator is in Russian jail for 3 years now but still many people write letters to him to show their love for him as well as for the game. Mostly “love letters”. It is basically a psychological game for the psychological people. The person who has developed this game was a “Psychopath” himself who has been tortured by his own mother and brother in his childhood. He grew up in this torture throughout his life and he quit his degree in order to study “Psychology” so that he can take revenge.

According to different sources, “The creator developed this game in order to remove the biological waste from earth, people who are playing this game are afraid and are basically useless minds and to him as these people are the biological waste to him. In this game there are different tasks assigned to players for example, one task is “cutting of your limb with anything sharp in a certain direction”. This is one example and the tasks are 50 and the player has to perform each task, each day for the consecutive 50 days & what’s going to be the last task.

It’s the suicide.

These tasks also include:

  1. Poking yourself with the needles on part of your body for several times.
  2. Meeting other players which can be very dangerous to oneself.
  3. Waking up at midnight and watch horror movies that have been sent to you by the admin.
  4. Going up to a higher place like roof at midnight and staying there for a specific period of time. More specifically the higher places like, towers, high building and you have to stand on the edge of that building and tower.
  5. Listening to the music at 4:20 am. Particularly works on the negative emotions of the human beings.

and many more.

Once you have downloaded the game and have started doing the tasks it is mandatory for the players to send the audios, videos, photographs as proofs to the admins who are connected to him via Skype and other videos conversation apps, so that the admin and the team assigned to the player can make it sure that the player has done the intended task successfully.

During this period of 50 days, the players himself wants to commit suicide due to these psyche treatments with him for the past consecutive 50 days.

According to different sources, about more than 400 teenagers around the globe have committed suicide attempts in different countries. The countries includes Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Italy, Russia, Portugal, United States, Spain, Kenya and many more.

Below are the pictures of the victims.







NOTE: The game has been officially removed although there have been some alternative games being made by other developers which are the malware by themselves. So please do not download any application with the name of “Blue Whale” or anything similar else your systems will get hacked.

Once downloaded the game, now the developers/hackers have full access to your camera, contacts, pictures, private chat, your social media accounts and the related stuff. Now when they have all of yours private information, they will definitely start blackmailing you to do specific tasks and you would have to do them else all of your private information will be publicized. So one will think better by himself or herself to commit suicide before all of his private information is revealed to his family and friends. This is the psyche of the humans and that’s what the game is made for.

It is advised that parents should keep an eye on their children’s and should make it sure that these kind of application are not installed on their mobile phone, laptops, tablets etc.

Human lives are more important than these deadly games.

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