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Dragonfly hacker group attacks U.S. energy grids
Dragonfly hacker group attacks U.S. energy grids

Russia’s ‘Dragonfly’ hacker group attacks on US energy grids

The Trump Administration for the first time has publicly accused Moscow of cracking into U.S. power stations. The Department of Homeland Security has said in its report: Russian hackers are trying to infiltrate into U.S. power grids and are in the midst of attack against U.S crucial infrastructural components that includes aviation, water, commercial setup.

The report has also outlined that the hackers are capable of infiltrating into U.S. power systems as they are widely searching for the vulnerabilities that could be allegedly present in the crucial systems that millions of Americans rely on.

In accordance to Time, the report has disclosed that the hackers are using the daily used forgery tactics: “spear-phishing” where the hackers are sending fake but legitimate emails to the officials of the respective units in order to get the sensitive information e.g. emails/passwords. The report has said that the credentials would help the hackers in reconnaissance phase within the network that would be eventually helpful in getting closer to file servers of intended victim network.

The report came on the same day when Trump Administration has imposed sanctions on 19 Russians for allegedly interfering in 2016 U.S elections.

Moreover the report has already described the threats to energy grid by sophisticated group of hackers known to be “Dragonfly”, last year, that was disclosed by researchers at Symantec in its report.

According to Symantec, the Russian hackers group Dragonfly had gained access to 20 U.S. power grids but they restrained themselves from taking down the power like they did in Ukraine, the report says.

The Dragonfly has successfully intruded into U.S. core energy systems that facilitates U.S and European energy companies, Symantec said.

In recent months, media has reported the cyber attacks on the energy grid stations in European countries. The companies that facilitates the U.S. nuclear program compromised by hackers.


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