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How to safeguard your Kids from Cyber bullying?

The digital revolution has immensely influenced our lives and today our lives heavily depend on the cell phones, gadgets, and computer machines. All of this tech –inventions have made our lives easier than ever before. Now we can make long and short cell phones calls within cheap rates, we can use social media apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Line, Vine, Tinder, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and plenty of others alike.

The social media apps enable a user to make chat conversations, text messages, share media files such as photos and videos and last but not the least Voice messages through WhatsApp, IMO, Facebook and Telegram. Having all the advantages, the young generations, on the other hand, are getting trapped by cyber predators such as cyber bullies. Online bullies are present on the social messaging apps and they are in large numbers and always looking forward to approaching young kids and teens to tease, squeeze and humiliate them online. Therefore, parents really feel concerned for the online protection of the children.

Effects of cyber bullying on children

Online bullying has its dangerous effects on children, teens and even adults all feel very distressed and alone when being bullied online. The victim of cyberbullying really feel helpless and overwhelmed and they can feel embarrassment and they have to live with this unpleasant time and most of the victim such as teens feel ashamed of themselves is not able to deal with.

However, young kids and teens who are the victim of online bullying don’t want to visit the place again where he/she has been bullied such as particular social media platform or school in real-life. They remain under the continuous source of stress and worry. However, they may get health issues such as depression, anxiety, and psychotic disorders. However, young teens have reportedly attempted suicide after being bullied online or in real life number of times.

Cyber Bullying stats

  • 20% of the young kids and teens who are being bullied online don’t want to go to the place where they bullied either online or in real life
  • 5% of the victims start self –harming activities
  • 3% of the victims especially teens commit suicide being bullied online
  • Mostly young kids and teens are more likely to bullied online while using Facebook social media app
  • 28% of the teens and kids have reportedly bullied online using twitter

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 Protect children from cyber bullying using parental control app

Protect children from cyber bullying using parental control app

First and foremost, all you need to do is to subscribe for cell phone spy app and you will get an email that contains credentials. Moreover, you need to get access to the target device and then install the mobile phone monitoring app on the target phone. When you have done with the installation process then activate it on the target device. Before you are completing the particular process, you will get a message on the screen either you want to use it secretly on the target device or not. Then chose the best option and activate on the target device. Furthermore, you need to use the passcode and ID in order to get access to the online control panel of the mobile phone surveillance software. Once you have got access to the dashboard of the mobile phone tracking app. Then you need to visit the cell phone tracking app tools in order to monitor your kids and teens to protect them from cyber bullying.

Use android monitoring app tools & protect teens from bullying

You can use IM’s social media and can view IM’s logs such as chat conversations, text messages, audio and video conversations, shared media such as photos and videos and Voice messages. You can monitor live calls with secret calls recorder and record and listen to the live calls. You can also view text messages with text messages spy and can view SMS, MMS and heads up tickers notifications. However, you can do the live screen recording of all the instant messaging apps and get to know your children social media activities. Furthermore, you can remotely control your children activities and protect them from all online dangers and cyber predators including cyberbullies with remotely phone controller. You can view installed apps, block text messages, block incoming calls and block access to the internet on the target cell phone device. Moreover, you can track the location of kids and teens with GPS location tracker if they don’t come home once bullied online or in real life. This will really help you out to track their current and exact location.


If you’re worried about your children digital activities especially on social media apps and you don’t want your kids to be a victim of cyberbullying. Then you need to use the mobile phone spy app for androids and stay updated about kids and teens cell phone activities connected to the internet.

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