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Kamran Mohsin

Kamran Mohsin
Kamran Mohsin is a Certified Ethical Hacker. Currently working as a Penetration Tester within a private company in Pakistan. He is also doing Masters in information Security. He worked in web development (front-back-end) from recent back years. With the passage of time he took interest in Hacking and started to write blogs on IS from late 2015.

What is ARP Protocol, ARP Poisoning or ARP Spoofing and how it works?

ARP Protocol, ARP Poisoning or ARP Spoofing

As always, most of the people don’t have any background knowledge about hacking or particular type of topic we are discussing here today. So before moving ahead to ARP Protocol, ARP Poisoning or ARP Spoofing we should first learn what is ARP or ARP Protocol. What is ARP Protocol? Address …

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Hack with Cookie Poisoning, Cookie Stealing, Session Hijacking

Before learning session hijacking let’s learn session first. The connectivity between a client and server or client active to a website is known as session. We will learn to hack with Cookie Poisoning, Cookie Stealing, Session Hijacking. What is the purpose of a session? A web server is responsible for …

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How to earn money with Google Adsense without any website

This is a hot topic to learn about how to make money without having any website or plate form where you can share your content. Hundred of millions of website are using google adsense to earn money world wide where the web masters are sharing their quality content. The blog …

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OS Command Injection Vulnerability

Command Injection

Command Injection attack is also known as Arbitrary Code Execution. In Command Injection an attacker generally injects a malicious user input to the system functions which executes system shell commands based on the attacker’s input. The Command Injection vulnerability occurs when the web applications supplies vulnerable (unsafe) input fields to …

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How to detect code injection attack

code injection attack

Code injection is also known as PHP code injection. Code injection attack is an exploitation technique where a computer bug is exploited by injecting code into an application which is then executed by application itself. PHP code injection attacks are generally performed by injecting a PHP code into the PHP …

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How to Hack WiFi Passwords

Hack WiFi Passwords

Cracking of wireless networks is the defeating of security devices in Wireless local-area networks. Wireless local-area networks(WLANs) – also called Wi-Fi networks are inherently vulnerable to security lapses that wired networks are exempt from – Hack WiFi Passwords Cracking is a kind of information network attack that is akin to …

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Vulnerable SQL Websites list 2018 – Updated

SQL Injection is very popular OWASP top 10 vulnerbility which allows you to hack any website that has the vulnerability. Do you want to learn how to hack websites with SQL Injection, click here on my recent blog to get practical demonstration of SQL attack. Below given is the Vulnerable …

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What is Cross Site Request Forgery Attack (CSRF)?

cross site request forgery

Cross Site Request Forgery attack is represented by different terminologies e.g One-Click Attack, Session Riding and CSRF or XSRF. CSRF & XSS While we had learnt about Cross Site Scripting (short for XSS), let’s try to learn the different between cross site request forgery and cross site scripting. In XSS, …

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RFI – LFI File Inclusion Attacks – Mitigations

file inclusion

Similar to all other cyber attacks RFI – LFI file inclusion attacks also carries a strong importance when it comes to data breach. In other words we can describe it as why the server isn’t working to load my webpages. File Inclusion File inclusion is a type of vulnerability that …

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White Hat turned into Black Hat Hackers

The very recent news exposed the reality of most cyber security experts who were paid to defend the enterprises for which they were hired (contract based or permanent). The ethical hackers were on contract to protect the credentials of any particular company. But these security researchers who were white hat …

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What is Malware and How It Can Affect Your Computer?

Malware Malware is malicious line of codes, a software or a program. Malware is short for malicious software. It can be used to bypass control, steal data, compromise systems. Malware can be anything that looks legitimate to the users but contain infected code to harm your computer, smartphone or anything …

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Hackers using Google Dorking Tool for Mayhem

Google Dorking

Its not new for hackers to get access to your account. But this time hackers are using the most useful technique for hacking into your systems. It’s Google Dorking unables an attacker to find vulnerabilities in any system and jump into system’s weaknesses.  Exploitation was always fun for hackers to …

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Who are snooping on your smartphone

Its is founded in a research which was conducted by the University of British Columbia and University of Lisbon that brought 1,381 users via Amazon’s Mechanical Turk close to know phone snooping. This is one of the big reason to protect your phone with pass-code, fingerprint or pattern that’s all …

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How To Perform Denial of Service or DDoS Attacks?

Denial of Service

What is Denial of Service? Denial of service is attempt to temporary or indefinitely interrupt the services to its intended users. This attack targets the availability of an IT System (Web Server). This attack is launched when the attacker is not able to harm the integrity and confidentiality of an …

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How To Protect Website From Defacement

website defacement

Every website that exists in today’s digital World represents some particular business. Each website is the face of that specific business. Visitors find the image of business by their website and the marketing analogies (didn’t discuss here). Website defacement is an attack where the hacker changes the visual appearance of …

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